BABE is a canned wine with an irreverant tone of voice and a positioning as the "Official Wine of Doing the Least". In the midst of a cold and dreary Covid winter, they needed a way to help their fans take care of their Valentine's Day obligations with the least effort possible, so they could get right back to drinking canned wine.

With a minimal budget and a deadline of three weeks, we made a Twitter robot that created personalized Valentine's Day video cards complete with robotically romantic copy, cheesy clip art-style images, and syrupy stock music.

Each custom video combined the Valentine's name and interests with love letter copy generated with the help of GPT-3 Natural Language Processing. This was back in Feb 2022 before AI writing was good, so the copy came out weird, funny, and sometimes non-sensical - perfect for social media. This copy was combined with a random selection of music, background, and artwork to make each card unique. The video card was created, rendered and sent back to the twitter user within two minutes, ready to be passed on to their special someone.

My role - concept, writing, creative direction.

We made it very easy to interact with the bot and put it to work...

BABE bot twitter process step 1
BABE bot twitter process step 2
BABE bot twitter process step 3

Here's a small selection of the cards that the bot created: