Hi there!
I'm a Creative Director & Writer based in NYC.

Mack Weldon - Integrated

Mack Weldon Buy Some Time Campaign

Buy some time

A super-efficient wardrobe system gives you more time for what's really important.

Bombas - TV

Bombas Holiday 2019 TV spot

Comfortable holidays

It's impossible to feel uncomfortable when you're wearing the world's most comfortable socks.

Personal - Digital

Twitter headache connected device

Presidential headache

A machine that automatically dispensed an ibuprofen pill every time the former president tweeted.

Mr Pizza - Integrated

Old painting of Korean people eating pizza

True origins of pizza

Korea's biggest pizza chain wanted to get noticed in the highly competitive U.S. market. So we cooked up a conspiracy for them.

Fiber One - Integrated

Chew Treats product range

Chew treats

We made fun of ridiculous fad diets by inventing rubber chew toys for humans.

Tide - Online Video

Young man and woman posing for a selfie with photo sharing app frame overlaid

Digital life vs real life

Our digital lives are highly curated and leave out all the messiness of real life. We wanted to remind people that their in their real lives, they need Tide.

Pro Bono - Integrated

Illustration of a Greyhound dog

The adoption drive

20,000 greyhounds retire from racing every year, and they all need loving adoptive homes. We came up with a way to introduce people to these sweet dogs and help them find forever homes.

College Board - Experiential

Hundreds of empty school desks on the Washington Mall

The absent

A shockingly high number of kids drop out of school every day in the U.S. But how do you get politicians and regular people to connect emotionally with the stats, and grasp the human scale of the problem?

Converse - Online Film

Remote control helicopter flying over buildings with a loudspeaker attached to it


For Converse's Get Loud competition, we needed to inspire fans to film themselves getting rowdy. So we grabbed a remote control helicopter, a loudspeaker, and some death metal.

Head & Shoulders - Print, Radio

Illustrated man scratching his head

Head scratchers

When you scratch your head at the wrong time, your body language is sending a message to those around you, and it's not a good one.

Obama 2012 - Outdoor

Dot-to-dot illustration of President Obama

Our work is not done

When President Obama ran for a second term in 2012, he needed to remind people of all he'd achieved so far, and all the things yet to be done.

Samsung - Branded Content

Jamaican bobsled team walking to the start line of a bobsled competition

Keep on pushing

To promote Samsung's sponsorship of the Jamaican bobsled team at the 2014 Olympics, we created a short film starring the famous "Cool Runnings" 1988 Jamaican bobsled team and Usain Bolt.

Various - Print

A man lifting up a section of earth as if it were carpet

Print ads

I don't get to make many print ads these days, but here are a few favorites from years gone by.

Personal - Digital

Alan from The Hangover doing math

Coding projects

In my spare time, I build things with code for fun.