Buy some time

Mack Weldon is a pioneering DTC men's clothing brand. They had built a strong business around classic style, high-tech fabrics, and efficient e-commerce. But to get guys to spend more (increase AOV) and keep coming back (increase LTV) they needed an idea to take them beyond feature-based performance marketing and define the role of the brand in guys' lives.

Our research told us that our target were analytical, systems-driven thinkers. They were leading very busy lives, and they loved an efficiency hack. So we started thinking about the real-life benefit to these guys of the Mack Weldon approach to clothing. Everything Mack Weldon makes is smartly designed to work together as a system that they call The Daily Wear System. This approach means there's no need to waste time wondering what to wear, or if this goes with that.

So we figured that when these guys buy from Mack Weldon, they're not just buying clothes, they're actually buying time. And they can spend this newly-purchased time on whatever's important to them. This led us to the campaign idea - Buy Some Time. We brought the idea to life with an integrated campaign that also showcased the Daily Wear System itself.

My role - concept, writing, creative direction.

We created two TV spots to introduce the campaign idea and have some fun depicting the possibilities that come with having extra time. When writing the spots, I had to balance showcasing the clothing, explaining the campaign idea, and creating as much room as possible for moments of surprise and fun. These were directed by The Perlorian Brothers.

This 3D motion sequence was created to explain the Daily Wear System in a quick and stylish way. It was designed to be used at the end of video assets or as standalone piece in social and digital.

These looping 3D videos for social and digital show off the premium and high tech nature of the Mack Weldon fabrics.

We shot new studio and lifestyle photography and used it for posters, social, direct mail, display, and a new look and feel for the website.

Mack Weldon buy some time street posters
Mack Weldon website screens
Mack Weldon daily wear system graphic
Mack Weldon social posts graphic
Mack Weldon studio photo 1
Mack Weldon studio photo 2
Mack Weldon lifestyle photo 1
Mack Weldon lifestyle photo 2
Mack Weldon lifestyle photo 3