The adoption drive

This is a personal project inspired by the retired racing greyhound that my wife and I adopted a couple of years ago. We wanted to help promote greyhound adoption across the country, as there is a huge need for adoptive homes.

The idea is to replace the iconic Greyhound Bus logo with a photo of a real retired racing greyhound that needs to be adopted. People would see the greyhound on a bus, text for more info, and hopefully adopt one of these sweet dogs. As each dog was adopted, their photo would be replaced with a new dog that needed a home.

With the enthusiastic support of a greyhound charity behind us, we pitched this idea to Greyhound Lines, but unfortunately they weren't able to support this particular cause. No worries though, this was a lot of fun to work on!

With Jonathan, Vic, and Amy.

Illustration of lots of Greyhound dogs in a grid
The Adoption Drive Project logo
Illustration of a Greyhound Bus with an adoption drive sticker on it
Illustration of a person texting for more info about the Adoption Drive